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Creative photographic services for marketing, advertising and packaging...

SGS|Sierra is a team of talented professionals with a solid background in creative photography who understand what it takes to produce effective images for marketing, packaging and promotional materials. We can conceptualize, photograph and manage projects for the final output you expect, all with flexibility and great customer service. Please look around our site at the portfolio and images of our space to see our depth of experience.

An SGS company


  • Integrity and Principles - We tell the truth and do what we say.
  • Passion and Creativity - Doing what we love helps us to grow.
  • Loyalty and Service - Beyond what’s expected - to be flexible and make it easy for our customer.
  • Kindness and Respect - For each other, for our customers and for our suppliers.
  • Humor and Fun - Two things that are essential to success.


About us? We're all about you. Since 1984, we've had one focus: to make all your projects successful. So, whether it takes print, internet, billboards, packaging, or tradeshows, we create the vehicles that turn your projects into big business. That's why we stop, look and listen when you've got an idea. And why we invest our energies and resources in A-list talent, equipment and technologies. It's all so you can knock 'em dead.